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This practical 5-lesson training is suitable for those interested in applying data science to solve business problems. You will not only pick up fundamental knowledge and skills but you will also have an idea about how they are applied by professionals to build real end-to-end data science solutions. In this course, we will introduce the RM4E analytical workflow, which guides the problem-solving process and ensures the reproducibility. After taking this course, you will learn how each step may be adopted to solve real-world problems.


In-Depth And Stepwise Transformation From Business Problems To Data Science Problems
Program Starts With Concepts And Then Moves To Real World Applications

Who Should Take

Anyone interested in Business and Data Science

Learning Outcomes

Gain a comprehensive understanding of steps for turning business problems into data science problems

Be able to disassemble your own business problems and reassemble as data science problems step by step

Curriculum Modules

  • Lesson 1: Introduction to Data Science
  • Lesson 2: RM4E Workflow
  • Lesson 3: Data View vs Business View
  • Lesson 4: Business Problems to Data Science Problems
  • Lesson 5: Case