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This free, seven-week course is applicable to individuals interested in how data science can be used to address Covid-19. With a focus on predictive modelling, mapping, and mobility, this course will help students to thoroughly examine the ways in which Covid-19 can be used to help data scientists to understand more about the consequences of mobility, economics, and transmission models.


Free 7-session course in English and Chinese  
 Taught by experienced researchers and professors from a variety of institutions  
 Get insights from a real-world tackling covid-19 project  

Who Should Take

The course is open to a diverse background of audiences who are interested in machine learning models, forecasting, and research strategies.

Overall Learning Outcomes

Demonstrate abilities in conducting literature review

Be able to identify suitable keywords and utilize databases to search for most relevant papers

Create and construct knowledge graph to organize information and find patterns

Gain an understanding of replicable research and approaches to increase replicability

Curriculum Modules

  • Population Mobility
  • Covid-19 Economic Stimulus Index
  • Machine Models Learning and Prediction
  • Mapping Population
  • Climate Change and Finance
  • Replication Study with Google Colab
  • KnowLife – a versatile approach for constructing a large knowledge graph for biomedical sciences