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This six-week course provides a comprehensive and solid understanding of blockchain and crypto economics. This course equips participants to thrive within the global paradigm shift for data-driven results and research across many industries globally. It will empower them through both artificial intelligence and business strategy initiatives. Learners will practice a data-driven methodology and academia/industry collaborative approach to answer research questions at the frontier of Fintech. Topics including smart contracts, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain governance will be elaborated on via case studies using Bitcoin, Etherum, and DFINITY as examples. We will also look at how blockchain is empowering decentralized finance applications.


Understand the basics of blockchain and crypto economics  
 Hands-on application in a team setting in the roles of an economist, data scientist, and data engineer  
 Synthesize your knowledge and skills by completing a capstone project for your portfolio  

Who Should Take

The course is open to a diverse audience interested in the Frontier of Fintech and AI, including but not limited to:

Researchers in academia interested in Fintech and/or the application of their research in data science workflows

Economists, data scientists, data engineers interested in research questions at the Frontier of Fintech and AI who possess the ambition to develop a systematic way of conducting research and technology transfer independently

Overall Learning Outcomes

Understand the basics of blockchain and crypto economics: the emergence, the problem solved, and the value created.

Explain in non-technical terms the related concepts, including smart contracts, cryptocurrencies, decentralized finance, etc.

Demonstrate and discuss case studies in blockchain and crypto economics and blockchain governance.

Conduct data-driven research and investigate technology transfer independently.

Curriculum Modules

  • Week 1: Blockchain and Decentralized Finance
  • Week 2: Economist, Data Scientist, and Data Engineer Ensemble
  • Week 3: Blockchain Governance
  • Week 4: Create Interactive Data Visualization Applications
  • Week 5: Capstone Project
  • Week 6: Capstone Project Documentaries