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Detection and analysis systems are ubiquitously used across all domains of life (education, work, leisure) to access resources and opportunities. This six-week program covers the fundamental concepts in AI ethics, how the recognition and analysis systems manifest bias, how they are used in different settings and what the consequences are. Throughout this program, learners will gain a strong understanding of these systems, and the consequences of what they develop, use and implement in their lives.


In-Depth And Comprehensive Analysis Of AI Bias
Program Starts With Concepts And Then Moves To Real World Applications Of These Concepts

Who Should Take

Anyone interested in AI bias in detection & analysis systems & surveillance in public, private & other context.

Overall Learning Outcomes

Gain a conceptual understanding of how bias manifests itself in AI systems (Facial and object recognition and analysis; NLP – Natural Language Processing; Sentiment/Emotion analysis)

Observe ubiquitous surveillance and data collection mechanisms and their real-world applications

Understand the consequences of these bias & surveillance issues on the individual and social justice 

Apply these concepts to case studies

Curriculum Modules

  • Week 1: AI Ethics, Bias & Human Rights
  • Week 2: Bias in Face & Object Recognition & Analysis
  • Week 3: Bias in Language, Voice and Sentiment Recognition & Analysis
  • Week 4: Surveillance (in Recruitment & Workplace)
  • Week 5: Surveillance (Public Spaces, Schools, Consumer-facing)
  • Week 6: Smart Cities & Smart Homes